一、History of Evergreen


Our company was established in 1983 and we specialize on producing tin-made packaging boxes. Early, we set up a factory in Hong Kong, as the economic liberation, we set up a new and large factory in Taishan Town, Guangdong Province.

Our major focus is to provide the best service and highest quality to customer at an affordable price and eco-friendly production process.

We all treasure the world so minimizing the harmful consumption on resource by shifting to this clean recyclable material is more than just business, but shoeing the very thought to the world we are living in. Tomorrow builds on today’s decision, so let us join our hands in creating an “EVERGREEN”world.

Our purpose, Values and missions are the foundation for Evergreen’s unique culture. Throughout our history of over 30 years, our business has grown and changed while these elements have endured, and will continue to be passed down to generation of Evergreen people to come.


二、Enterprise Culture of Evergreen


  1. Our Purposes

    The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next 5 years and beyond we must look ahead. Understanding the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and moving swiftly will prepare us for what’s to come.


    Our purpose unifies us in a common cause and growth strategy of improving more consumers’ products in small but meaningful ways each order. It inspires Evergreen people to make a positive contribution every day.

  2. Our Values
    • Integrity
    • Quality
    • Accountability
    • Passion for improving
    • Collaboration

    Our Values reflect the behaviors that tone of how we work with each other and with our partners.

  3. Our Missions
    • To refresh the world-Marking the consumer go “wow” when they look at the tin packaging
    • To provide the competitive advantage for brands and make a difference everywhere we engage
    • To create an Evergreen world-Metal is the most recyclable material available, and the metal from stamped from stamped tins can be recycled in existing recycling streams again and again.

    And our Missions articulate Evergreen’s unique approach to conducting work every day.

三、Advantage of Evergreen


  1. Head Office
    We have a work force over 500 with our head office in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in the Guang Dong region, Mainland China. If you would like to visit to our showroom either in Hong Kong or in China, please feel free to contact us.

  2. Design Team
    We have an in-house design team to assist customers on creating the tailor fitted tin-boxes according to their specifications needed. The surfaces of all packaging boxes are coated with a rust protector with glossy or matte finishing.

  3. Printing Machine
    We have our own FUJI double colour printing machines. By this, we can control the production more efficiently. This gives us the edge to lower to cost of color printing and control the quality of the color on customer’s artworks.

  4. Moulding Machine
    Our own moulding machine can make a lot of differentiated tin-made packaging boxes. By having our own moulding machine we can achieve a tight quality and time control as we set a high standard to our production teams.

  5. Shipping
    We provide both overseas and local trading companies customers to book the shipping date to their specific destination. The usual port is FOB Yantian, ShenZhen and HongKong. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

  6. Health and Safely
    All of the tins, inks and coatings are all FDA/EN71/RoHS/LFGB&heavy metal approved. The approving third party certification agencies are accepted and trusted as the world standard for manufacturing companies to ensure the reliability and integrity of our products.

四、Quality Control of Evergreen


  1. Quality Control Department
    All raw materials are inspected in house by experienced staff to ensure the quality mass production. We welcome customers check the quality of their products at our factory. For customers who are unable to come we have on-site inspection of printing, pre-production inspection, in-process quality control, 100% inspection in packing and final inspection before delivery or shipment.

  2. Printing
    All Tin cans are ready to be custom colored or left as tin color, customers need not to worry about our printing quality as we have our own in house printing machine.

  3. Molding
    Our highly-acclaimed OEM force allows you to stretch the limit of imagination whereas shapes like cartoon characters, animals, buildings or anything becomes feasible only if you name it.

  4. Special Effect
    Embossing logo or special effect like varnishing crackle, laser printing ,sand finishing and many more are all available for you to choose.With a large range of different effect available according to your designs and the possibility of using a combination of these on one package, brand owners can create a multitude of unique tins, ideal for eye-catching promotions and displays.